What Matters the Most

I’m just going to come out and admit it: I’m a little weird. And a bit irreverent, too. This will come as no surprise to anyone who has spent more than five minutes with me. My irreverence, especially, has a habit of popping forth at the most inappropriate times. I once got the giggles at a wedding during A Very Serious and Deeply Religious Moment when the bride sang “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” to her groom in this high pitched, yet wispy, voice. I’m a bad person.

You know what the gasoline dumped on a fire of giggles is? When NOBODY else thinks it’s funny (even though it totally is). Stern looks are just fuel, people.

Today, however, I want to talk about something serious. I’m pushing aside my goofy nature (not to be confused with a Goofy nature. I’m not an anthropomorphic talking dog, after all). Most of you probably don’t know it, but November is National Adoption Month, and anyone who knows me knows this is something very important to me, and to my family.

My husband and I were the typical adoptive couple, and came to the decision to adopt in the most typical way. Years of heartache and failed medical procedures left us at the end of our emotional rope, and my body felt like it had been through a needle and prod factory (Don’t ask me what a prod factory is. I wouldn’t really want to know, would you?). We had all but given up hope of being parents, but the human spirit is a resilient thing. We decided to give it one last go: adoption. I think this is where so many people get it wrong; making the assumption that adoption is a measure of last resort. That it is somehow a second choice—or third, fourth…well, you get the idea.

Having been through the gauntlet and out the other side, I can tell you this with certainty: There is nothing I would trade in this world for the adoption experience. Yes, it is a long, winding journey with twists, turns and pitfalls, but nothing can describe the feeling of holding your child in
your arms for the first time, knowing your moment has finally arrived. The reward of parenthood is that much sweeter for those who struggle. If you’ve never struggled, never run with your arms outstretched, your lungs burning from the effort while your goal remains just out of reach, well, you can’t truly understand how fortunate you are and what a remarkable gift you’re finally cradling in your arms.

After nearly four years, I still marvel every single day at our unbelievable luck. As I run my fingers through my son’s downy waves of hair, when I look into his eyes, when I hear those magical words, “I love you, mommy,” I’m still amazed.

Consider adoption. It will make your life remarkable in ways you can’t even imagine.


3 thoughts on “What Matters the Most

  1. Adoption is a wonderful example of parents getting the child they’re meant to have. I couldn’t think of a more perfect fit for you guys.

  2. Beautiful!!! Whereas birth itself is a miracle many experience, adoption is a miracle that a few fortunate ones like us get to treasure. Nick has put our lives in a new dimension, and we thank God and his birth mom everyday for every precious moment. Adoptiom gives us a whole new perspective on destiny.

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