Back in the Game


I’m not so good at this, apparently. Keeping up my blog while working furiously on my sequel in anticipation of putting it aside once my first round of edits come in (less than a week!), while maintaining my stay-at-home-mom status? I’m tired just writing that. But it’s a happy tired. A grateful tired. Whew!


I have been struck with a bolt of inspiration. Inspired by questions of “How long have you been a writer?” and “Have you always wanted to write?” I have a plan for a new weekly piece. I will be re-reading and then reviewing some of my favorite books from childhood. Some are classics, some are brilliant, some are silly, but I will (literally) be digging through boxes from my childhood bedroom, and whatever I find, I review.

Childhood is when it all starts, after all-that obsessive love of books, of getting lost in worlds that jump out from the written word. That’s where we foster the desire to try our own hand at such creation, and thus, I plan this homage to the books that made me want to write.

First up: perhaps my favorite of all, Norton Juster’s impossibly great The Phantom Tollbooth.

Look for my review next week. In the meantime, go forth and see the great happenings from my publisher, Month9Books! On today’s agenda, they continue their blog tour over at Once Upon A Twilight: